Monday, December 12, 2005

Trade Talks

The WTO has reached the end of its grasp! The political patronage of farm subsidies is immense, and farm subsidies will never be eliminated from Democracies. Concentration of eliminating Duties on Exports from poorer Countries also lack perceptivity. The Goods produced in these poorer nations directly compete with the production capacity of the poorer elements of richer nations. Real rationale exists for Trade Union opposition to the WTO and unrestricted Trade.

Elimination of Trade barriers has been attained across a broad spectrum, but far too many Economists wish for a complete sweep. They should not, as it could risk all of what has presently been gained. The words of Chavez are reaching throughout the World, and those words condemn the concentration of wealth in the hands of the Corporate power structure. Corporate Executive and Economists are not only outvoted, but they are outgunned. lgl

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