Thursday, December 01, 2005

The Bush Speech

It makes one think he is falling back through time to the days of Nixon's Vietnamization of American military limitations. Some realities could be introduced into the matrix, but they will dishearten. The first dictum must be the insufficiency of Iraqi military and police pay; a Pay sufficient incentive with less than 5 Days fighting per year, totally inadequate when fighting approximately 85 Days per year. We pay American servicemen in the low Five figures to go to Iraq, We pay Western Mercenaries in the low Six figures to fight in Iraq, and We pay native Iraqis in the military in the middle Four figures. Americans get to go home and spend their wealth, while native Iraqis must stay and face the enemies they have made. Expectation that morale or performance will improve among native Iraqi Police and Military is wishful thinking.

The American Taxpayer will eventually tire of funding both Iraqi pay and the backup weaponry necessary for the Iraqi Police and Military. The current Iraqi Government consists of those Who lived well under the Saddam regime, though most did so Overseas. They are demanding support from Those too poor, or too patriotic, to have left Iraq under Saddam. They endured the years of Saddam terror, now the years of International terrorism, without forgetting the years of American terror bombing. The personnel of the current regime lived well before, during, and now after the Iraqi war; and expect to live well even if ejected from power. One does not know how much political support they may generate. Reminds of the difference between a Bush American and a Lux American--a difference of a few figures of income.

The ISM states that Manufacturing is doing better than expected in the United States, but Exports are static. Construction is high, but a lot is Replacement structures from a Weather-torn South. Everything looks good, but Everyone knows there has been structural damage in the Economy. lgl

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