Friday, May 30, 2008

Correct Investment

I like this Piece by Mark Thoma, though I don’t agree with his vocalized premise that most of Bush’s initiatives are basically a rehash of older Food programs. The Statement must be forwarded that Transportation Costs of Food are very high, and getting far more costly very fast. Transportation Costs of American Foods to Overseas outlets were around a Guess of 11% of total Production Costs last year. Fuel Costs have probably raised this percentage to around 15%. Beat the Press previously accounted the added Cost of Food Aid to Americans to be about only $8 per American, with the Raise from $4 billion to $6 billion. This seems like nothing, except that Americans must pay for their own Subsistence, their Government, their Retirement, and their Health Care; all of which have already progressed upward by about $320/year since the start of the Mortgage failures. The Claim that Americans have the Deep Pockets does not resinate with fine tonal quality.

The various Regions of the World must accomplish their own Self-Sustaining Livelihood within their own territory. Transport of massive American Grain Supplements to starving nations will never suffice, even if it is good for American agriculture. Criticism of American Consumption habits also contain fallacy, as We live in a widespread nation which needs easy Transportation; a characteristic which cripples both the Russian and Chinese economies due to the lack of ease. It is admittedly very high Consumption, and very expensive both in Resource and percentage of Household budgeting. Reliance on Railroads–the probable most conservative of Transport systems–would quickly decay American economic performance. The final element which must be considered is Transportation Traffic; We cannot afford to jam Our Transport systems with material which will not promote economic performance in this nation.

The World must learn to live without Our material input. We need to export Technology and industrial systems, not Food Grains and Product. We need to go back to the usage of natural fertilizers, and expectation of lower Grain yields; setting Agricultural production to simple provision of American dietary needs. A Process exists which actually produces only real Constituents–fuel and fertilizer–from common Sewage and Garbage; We have only to identify and transform the Process into a industrial production. I can even visualize a Process of dredging Rivers and Lakes for the Pollutants dumped into them, solely as a major base Product for the production of fuel. Ethanol subsidies are dumb, but Sewage to Fuel subsidies might be smart. lgl

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