Monday, July 27, 2009

Blowing in the Wind

I would first like to state for the record that I don’t usually read this Guy, and sort of fell into this article. The Individual’s Plan sounds sensible on Paper, yet it seems to hold a number of defects for myself which I will outline. The first problem is that it does not address the Uninsured; doing relatively nothing to entice their subscription of health insurance; it basically granting further tax reduction for Those already purchasing the full Coverage package. The first Comment on the article defends pre-existing conditions clauses, which might give the Reader a more-rounded assessment of the article; especially as the Comment section is obviously edited for Content. I await the New Wave medical insurance instruments which will flourish after the passage of the legislation, which pays a Return without taxation on all investment premiums unused for medical costs. Some would state that such policies would be impossible, but funded by Government support provisions; it is the new medical insurance of the future, with the Tax Deduction making the Investment Cost of $45k per year with tax rebate of $15k so much easier. The real problem, though, comes in the fact that it does not touch the pool of 50 million people who will still not have covering medical insurance; and the massive Cost still thrown on City and County paid Emergency Room care.

Paul Krugman outlines the congressional framework towards health care, and insinuates that it is Big Pharma who is the real block in the institution. I believe it is far more reminiscent of the JFK era and the Clinton health care debacle. Congress does not like Obama, though he came through that institution; equally as Conservatives did not like JFK and Clinton. They, including the Blue Dog Democrats, intend for Obama to hold the Office for only one term; having surmounted the politically-motivated Black and Brown reality, they can now discount Black and Brown on the basis of lack of depth or incoherent policies. I am not playing the Racist Card here; simply stating their desire for a failed Obama administration will leave them without threat to their own agenda, which does not represent White or Black, only Special Interests. The very phrasing of the Acts under consideration preclude Congressional passage, and this Writing comes from deep within the bureaucratic structure of Congress.

A real attempt at universal health care would require Up or Down Voting on serious provisions establishing certain Goals. If I were Obama, I would call for a procedural alignment–a basic Test list of Questions for every member of Congress–which with their Answers would be entered into the Congressional Record. I would advise him to have both the Test Questions and the Request for their Answers to be ready and included in his State of the Union Address. These Questions must be specific and understandable by the majority of Americans, without allowed wiggle-room. The Questions should be 30 or less, and a campaign outlined to chastise Those who refuse to complete their Answers for the Congressional Record. Many would ask what this would accomplish, and I will state for the Record that it will probably be the only Means by which Obama will ever achieve a second Term of Office. He can afford to be defeated on even important issues, but he cannot be shown to be indecisive or easily swayed. lgl

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