Thursday, July 02, 2009

Much Ado about Nothing

Reiki and the Inquisition. The Nuns are in hot water, because of the ‘Laying on Hands’ business and their refusal to come out with a Public Statement opposing the ordination of women as Priests. It is a fight for the Ages, in a Time when religious orders find huge losses in their Ranks; all because of the rigidity of their structure, as ordered by a group of almost senile old White men. The last thing religious orders need is a public exhibition of the penal structure of the orders. The only good element in the entire Incident lay in the extreme Age of the Crusaders, who will lose power when the current Pope plays a Michael Jackson. My only sadness resides in the fact that I too loved the old traditionalism; fond memories of the old parochial school days, tempered by the fact that I switched to Public School because religion became too oppressive.

No one can smile over the Jobs Report. The markets are doing a dance, wondering just How to respond to this latest tidbit of information. It is a dry day on the market floor, with Most flying Paper airplanes instead of operating orders. So many Workers are traveling to their July 4th celebrations that one can imagine that the Jobs Report came from the market floor. It is the same throughout the U.S., and likely the World. No one plans any serious business, and that might be the best News for the release of the poor data. Cherish the small Boons, as now Everyone will mull over the information through the Weekend. A better Outcome could probably not be found.

Read this Post to realize the complete failure of any form of a Gas Tax. No one takes the Prius to the Ballpark, or on a long Trip. The real miles put on use the SUV, not the prison-like atmosphere of a compact car. What use is playing ‘King of the Road’ if you have the smallest vehicle on the Road? Nothing is going to switch Parents to the smaller vehicles, and such taxes will only further afflict honest Job-Holders who are trying to pay off the Mortgage. Why is it that only the Innocent get impacted by Taxes? I truly in a ‘Soak the Rich’ mood today. lgl

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