Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Representation before Taxation

David Leonhardt failed to understand the real context of medical research today. He would imagine that Researchers are thinking to find the absolute best method to treat Patients of any Disorder. The reality is that they are seeking to justify their research budgets, and the Concept of Best Treatment has little sway in the analysis. The world of Medicine has found the Value of Confusion in the discussions on research fund allocation, and the good little bureaucrats have quickly learned to adjust their written Requests for Funds. No medical doctor will go on the Record as to the effectiveness of various Treatments for any ailments, as they face the serious ostracism generated by a institutional Special Interest group for doing so. A probable One-Third of all medical treatments are either Worthless or Obsolete; but you will not hear this from Doctors, who must face the funded Wrath of Drug companies and Research facilities. Of course, Doctors live in a Glass House; 80% of all medical treatments satisfy less than 20% of Patient desire (the statistics outline only the Opinion of the Author, not effective economic research).

Ezra Klein may be like unto myself and only marginally Correct, but I enjoy his approach to the medical problems of the Age. Administration Costs always expand with the employment of labor, who find a compelling need to earn their Keep with some false sense of financial savings in the employment. This artificial industry catches little fraud in terms of total volume, but grants Everyone a sense of purpose. I personally would take the Doctor’s word for it, along with assigning heavy Penalties for violations; a favorite of mine is a 3 for 1 repayment of false Charges; no Prison term, as this only increases Cost, while taking their House has real value added. A real repayment could be guaranteed by restricting their ability to practice Medicine until the bill is paid. One has to threaten all those years of hard-earned position.

Does doubling down on a bad bet work? There are Some who say that We did not blow enough Money the first time, and Some who disagree. I believe that three very important Questions should be asked and answered concerning Stimulus. The first is ‘Did the first package achieve desired goals?’–the answer is No! Will a second Stimulus package help the Obama goal of reducing Unemployment?–the answer is No! Have they even found methods to spend the first Stimulus package?–the answer is No!. Stimulus which does not get spent creates only Debt, not Employment or Business performance. Why do I feel like there is a dis-associative quality to all of this debate, where over-active policy has no viable Vent? I have an alternate Plan: I would open up every Voting booth in the Country, and pay every Voter $25 every time they Voted on current issues of the Day; it would not only give Stimulus, but eventually develop general political trends which Politicians should follow. Sound Crazy?–it is early this Morning. lgl

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