Saturday, July 11, 2009

I can claim Sleep depreviation

I arose early this morning, basically due to the fact that I didn’t sleep at all last Night; for lack of an unknown reason, I am grouchy this morning in looking for something to discuss. The Internet reflects my mood, exhibiting little stir to the heart, or more importantly, the Mind. I therefore present this Post; all about what you should already know, though there are hidden truths for all but the grizzled veterans. I would challenge the author’s claim that the Fed creates the bubbles through their monetary policy, if I felt any significant Will to do battle. I will state that the most proactive bubble policy was the Bush Tax Cuts in the first place, leaving too many people with too much money they didn’t earn; all expecting to make a high rate of Return on those invested amounts–the total much greater than the actual Investment need. I just can’t get over Bush yet! Notice of Record: I opposed the Tax Cuts from the 2000 Presidential campaign, when they were first proposed by Bush.Growl–Snarl; God, it is going to be a long day!

Felix Salmon wonders if the TARP fund is a all-purpose slush fund. He may fail to see the color of the black cat. The TARP funds are proposed for so much, because the Government just can’t seem to get the Money spent; an near contemptible event for Politicians in a proclaimed Recession and financial crisis. No one wants the Money because of the Strings attached too often, and Those acquiring the funds with Strings find the later to be offensive. It is an extreme embarrassment that they could get a second Stimulus package with a total of over a Trillion dollar allocation, with nowhere to spend the Money. Modern America–don’t you just love it?

I am tired of trying to find something interesting for the Reader, though this Post by Mish might do it (I only glanced at it). Furloughs are inconsequential to save State funds, unless they are consistent Periods within a tightly controlled schedule. I think all State offices should reduce to a 4-Day Week, and all State employees should be made to take as much unpaid Vacation of equal length that they receive in paid Vacation benefits. I am going to quit now, estimating that I have made Everyone as mad as I am with the lack of Sleep. lgl

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