Thursday, July 23, 2009

Energy Organization

I am running behind schedule this morning, and don’t much care; so this will probably be short. I will give the Reader this Post, and advise them to follow all the links inbred. I have had several ideas about the whole process of carbon sequestration, and I might as well present them here:

1) The approach to carbon sequestration is all wrong. Simply putting Carbon in the soil is economically inefficient; always maintaining the sequestration Costs without search for any economic benefit.
2) Various methods for attaining a profitable Gain from Carbon Sequestration should be explored.
3) One idea I had was so outrageous as to be turning Plants into a Lightning Rod, which transferred energy to underground plates connected to the network Power Grid.
4) I like the idea of transferring low Watt energy through the Air by means of Microwave technology, where this and the previous idea could be combined with possible Battery technology to provide a steady production of Electricity for minor Cost.
5) The greatest carbon sequestration potential resides in total dependence in surface Carbon deposits; the most fruitful being Sewage and Garbage. There should be introduced an new Energy policy whose aim is no more dumping of excrete Carbon in either land or water.

I could run on about mythical energy technologies, but think it is far more important that there be an economic conference of basically Number Crunchers with dedication to determination the final Costs of potential technology Outcomes from adoption of energy policies. We cannot determine an effective energy policy until We know the exact worth of producible benefits, and how much attaining those benefits will cost in capital investment. We have to pick Cost Effective energy technologies in a uniform format, so We can connect the Total into a national network. lgl

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