Tuesday, July 07, 2009

What is Wrong with This?

I am linking to this Post basically due to the fact that it was written by Arnold Kling and very good, and it made me think of alternative forms of Employment. I do very well at fantasy games, and believe that I can present a stellar performance. There simply had to be a better method of Hiring, and Retention of Labor. The first Need I found was that the Employee must have much greater Protection than the current system allows. I quickly decided that We must have a universal health care system, as much for Business as for Labor. There had to be a limited expansion of health costs, no matter the depth and length of the illness; only a universal system and overbearing Government could ensure that medical benefits achieve the practical results. I envision a relatively cheap general Coverage at a low monthly rate supplied by both Employer and Employee; I would suggest something like a matching payment of $300 per month. Private Insurance could provide Specialty policies, whose rates should remind of Medicare Supplement insurance today. The Specialty policies would guarantee medical treatments potentially disallowed by the universal insurance because of Cost–this health care system would likely have fundamental base around Hospice Care. People will wonder How it helps Business, and I would state that the underwriting enactment should prohibit Employer contribution to the defined Specialty Insurance.

The second Need in Employment has to be greater protection for Labor. I think Congress or State should enact legislation creating a formalized Labor Contract, and insist that these Contracts be filed with a Government agency, who would be entailed to Hear all initial Labor Employment cases. The Contracts would have to be filed before Employment is recognized–which means Business cannot record Labor Costs until they are filed. The uniform Contracts must list the Probationary Period length, the rate of Pay until Probation is over, and the agreed Buyout price if the Employer finds the employment unworkable. All Contracts would be no longer than 5 years duration, when a new Contract must be negotiated between Employer and Employee. All Contracts will stipulate How much Salary or Wage must be granted in each year of the Contract, and the alternate Cost of Payment for being Laid-off after the Probationary Period. The Employer will also have greater Protection in the Contracts, with stipulation of a Cost to Employees which must be paid to the Employer upon failure to maintain labor service; they having a limited power of garnishment against labor’s future Wages and Salaries, if the Employers can prove abandonment for higher Wages or Salaries without proven labor service duress.

I look at my previous paragraph, and think it is way too complicated. I am continuing to think, though, and find it is too efficient a system to be discarded. Both Sides gain, and with the current Cost of Employee Hires including Search, it is something whose Day has come. I don’t know if I would like to work under such Constraints, but there has to be relief from the current Personnel dogma. I await commentary, as I know that the Subject remains disliked by both Sides. lgl

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