Friday, July 31, 2009

When did Pandora open the Box?

Here is one argument which interests me this morning, a difficult thing today as I am consumed this Weekend with being places on time. I await the construction of a Possibilities Bell Curve showing the Average, Mean, and Median of accomplishment of the necessary purchase of Household necessities. Jobs lost are not the only thing occurring in the economy. Overtime and Bonuses are being lost, while the actual Cost of Living has actually been pushing higher at a constant rate. What I am trying to explain, admittedly poorly, consists of the fact that the Savings rate increases without individual will on many occasions, based upon individual inability to finance the purchase of Big Ticket items. This may portend a high Savings rate for a lengthy period, only shortened by labor resurrection by venue of shortage of labor under Baby Boomer retirement; sure to transform the current Business dominance in labor relations, with an alternate labor dominance of high Wages and security.

Read this general trail of banal brigandage, which reminds me Why I did not watch Paul Krugman on PBS last Evening. I am tired of congenial telling of How various opponents are wrong; all withing a format of Solutions which have relatively no effect, or impact of such minor construct that Relief might be mistaken for a simple Coffee Break. The long-term gain from all the discussion appears only as a release of emotional libido. I cannot claim any effective Solution to the current Recession, but I don’t see Green Shoots, where there exists only sour Weeds. We have lost momentum in the economy, and simple throwing Money into it will not work; especially with an ungrounded Currency which can lose value faster than gain of Stimulus power.

Herein contains most of the reasons I chose not to listen to Paul Krugman last Night. Paul always carefully outlines What could go Wrong in precise detail, then provides only a haphazard Solution set where there will be an obvious shortfall of successful Outcomes. Now, I am not trying to expound that Paul solve all the Problems of the World, or even just the ones that he highlights; I ask only for a consistent Program of established Measures, with some contextual probability of their success–I am getting easily confused this Morning. One can only hope this Drive through a land without highway Signs will not be permanent. I search for clarity in a complicated world, and find growing levels of confusing and confused theory. lgl

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