Wednesday, September 29, 2010

And They call Me a Fool!

I will leave it to the Readers to guess how best to limit the looming deficits. There is no easy solutions, and no one will like any Outcomes. All programs had been developed as a form of Christmas Present, promising vast Savings to a strapped American. We cannot live up to the Promises, and everything keeps getting more expensive because We even try. Here are some of the hard choices I would recommend:

1) Combine Social Security, Unemployment Insurance, Medicare, and Medicaid. Set one flat payment per Week for every qualified Recipient of such Aid–one and only one payment per Week, no matter the combination of the Need. Here it does get Tricky–the flat payment never alters, One gets Security and Sustenance from the payment–or one failed to do so, and We are back to Charity.
2) Taxpayers must not only pay the Wage for Tax Preparers, but also for the Time involved of federal labor to review and accept the Tax filing. The Jury is still out on whether We should let Taxpayers deduct the Cost of either the Tax Preparers or Reviewers.
3) Assess a $50 Filing fee for every use of a special Tax Break or Deduction in Tax returns. You should pay some Charge, if the Tax Savings is in the Hundreds of Dollars.
4) Every federal employee must prove their use of Public Transport to come to Work, or pay $5 per Workday as Parking or Congestion Fee.
5) Every federal agency and Dept. must file a Income Tax Return, and a Special Tax Review Committee will review every such Return, and assess a Agency tax based upon the relevance of the Expenditures according to Congressional Audit Rules, which the Agency or Dept. must pay out of its future budget.

Does this sound sufficiently ‘Big Brother’ for you? The goal is to take the Graft out of Government, and grant the Citizenry what advantage they should have from their governance. Notice that the first programs have been turned into a pure ‘Shift of Wealth’ payments; the only type of Payments which really work. They are also the only type of payments which can be paid for! The middle initiatives would limit the gout of bloodletting from tax revenues caused by Congressional granting Tax Breaks for Votes. The last factor would establish a real supervisory organization to control excesses of Government Spending; it produced by real loss of budgetary funds. As Clint would say: "Go Ahead,. Make my Day!" lgl

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