Friday, September 24, 2010

Form of Government

I read this Posting, and ask myself where is the justification of Government. We have two forms of proposed Government activity, and a third Opinion. None get to the core issues of Government: what it should do, where it should do it, and when it should take effect. I see an entirely alternate direction for Government to take, but how do you explain it? The President has become nothing but a Hawker of Programs, when he must be an administrator. Congress has become a marketplace, going to the highest bidder, and not the bidder who even pays the most Taxes. The Judiciary responds only to Those who can afford the greatest legal Costs–supporting lawyers everywhere. We have government programs which did not make sense even when initiated, and long outdated. I think the scope of government must change, and would set efforts to make real change.

I will start off with Taxes. Now, individual taxpayers can shop for Tax Breaks, anywhere and everywhere; all at the behest and for the gain of Congressional members to increase both their power and their political contributions. I will dredge up the ancient Concept of Tax Farming. I would allow any group of Taxpayers to set up their own Collection agency, which would determine How and When their membership will be taxed; the kicker here being that Congress will determine the magnitude of tax revenue which must be delivered, and all membership of chosen must commit to pay their determined level of payment. Any membership can change to alternate representation of Tax Agency after any given Tax year, and the Taxing agency can lobby Congress in total load determination of Tax, but the total of tax revenues must be paid every year; the alternative being all delinquents–agency personnel or membership–will be jailed until the tax assessment has been paid. Congress will also be limited within their periphery of action; they will face a reduction in Wage to the exact percentage that they did not balance the budget each year, and such accumulations will be permanent and addictive.

Government provision of services–whether Retirement, Unemployment Insurance, medical assistance, Work Training, or Welfare will be set by Congress each year as a specific Dollar amount; after which expenditure, further Aid to the Individual by Government will be suspended for the rest of the year. Education will be altered by enactment of this legislation–granting a Government-sponsored Tuition per Student unit which is identical from Pre-School through Graduate college programs. All Schools will be prohibited from assessing further Tuition, and must rely on Patrons and other Contributors. The entirety of the program system will state that All do not necessarily draw substance from government, but that the level of that financial substance is limited in amount. Business will itself be constrained in financial Gifts from the Government, as will legal charities, Partnerships, Corporations, and all other Associations. Insurance companies will be legally committed to paying at least a monetary amount of 30% of all claims made against their Insurance in order to maintain their license to sell Insurance; unless and until that they can prove in a Court that the claims are fraudulent; the Insured by legal mandate represented by the local District Attorney–whether County, State, or Federal–determined by the placement of claim of dispute by the Insurer. I have not covered an incredible range of necessary action–but it is a Start. lgl

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