Monday, September 27, 2010

Bad Government

I specifically like this Post because it attempts to place Government within a evaluative context. Megan tries to present a basic argument for both sides on the value of Government. I would like to offer a third evaluation. My belief states that it is not Government itself, but the corruption of Government, which remains the Culprit which must be controlled. I will try to explain my thesis in the rest of my Post.

Legislators take a Concept, I will utilize Medicare, which can gain widespread Public support, and promise a universal End. Medicare thereby was passed to handle Senior Expenses for health care. Those who would profit from Government guarantees immediately spring into action. Various Groups immediately petition to be included within the Guarantee, even though they do not meet the passed Age stipulation–greet Medicade, aid to the Disabled, special consideration to Veterans, and expansion of all the covered services. There is a second very important Group, who are the Providers of such services demanding immediate increase of Pay and Profits from such provision. The profitability of providing medical services immediately begins to grow much more rapidly than the overall economy. Medical services, in Pricing, increased approximately at twice the rate of overall Pricing in the economy since the mid-1960s.

Government initially designed to assist its Populace becomes a Rattlesnake getting ready to Strike. I refer to Rattlesnake because you can plainly hear it coming long before the actual Injury. One can ask How much such previously-discussed Pricing can increase, but that Answer is easy: It will increase to fill what the Market will bear: until Individual paying a deductible percentage of the Cost is paying what they would have paid under the previous Pricing. The special Groups will beg for inclusion until such time that the Coverage is universal. Government activity–so well-meaning–simply support a inflationary Price Support system which actually causes Injury, because of the denuding of other necessary economic enterprises of Talent and Resource; which has deserted prior industry for the Price Support system with its higher Returns. This is basically what is wrong with Government, and the guilty Parties here are the Greedy who would work the system for their own benefit. lgl

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