Thursday, September 23, 2010

Someone Need Listen

Study this Post including the Comment, and ask for a bit of Reality. The Republican pledge will do nothing new or different, and the amount of Government Spending will go on. The Democrats propose every asinine idea ever dreamed up since the Great Society, and these will be defeated for the reasons that they were originally defeated. Both Democrats and Republicans are setting up the platforms to get Nothing Done for the next legislative period. The real factor which is not discussed remains the fact that Government–not Business or Banking–must spend Us out of the Recession which is not a Recession; remember that all Sides are using the Inflation which is supposedly not there to get Us the numbers denying the Recession.

No one, except myself, presents any program to actually transfer funds to the Households, which are necessary to impel the Consumer Demand needed. Dozens of different Work programs can be designed to generate Jobs, but absolutely None are discussed. The ugly humor from all this lies in the much cheaper expenditures for such programs, much less that either of the political party proposals. I have suggested increasing the national Military Reserves by one million Troops. Housing, Maintenance, Food Provision, and Training personnel would push the total Jobs created to almost two million. The Cost would likely be less than the continuance of the Bush Tax Cuts. I advocated a federal program to renovate substandard Housing, Capital infrastructure, and Recreational facilities–almost certainly less than the Fed program to artificially inflate the Markets and suppressing Lending because of low Interest rates. Such a renewal program could be supervised by Local Maintenance, and potentially employ up to 6 million. I herein call for a new federal program, a law stating all federal employees must be paid for two hours per Week in Good Time–not Cash; all saved funds to go specifically to employ replacement labor for the added Leave time taken by mandate; this added about 1 day of Leave for every month of employment.

I don’t know what it is, but the political spectrum seems dedicated to stalemate. No one wants to adopt anything genuinely New, though everyone knows that the old ways have failed. Our Bones are hardening, and arthritis is setting in. We are being caught by Countries around the World, who can produce More somewhat better, and a lot cheaper. We are letting the Problems swamp Us when there is no need. It is time for Change, but real Change, not the wildcatting idiocy of Days Gone By. lgl

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