Tuesday, September 14, 2010

A new Poll

I feel the desire to turn Mean and Nasty when I read this article. I will instead turn to the venues of Economics and Polls to handle the situation; though, of course, I will not do the work itself, simply call for it. Some hardworking people must contact a multitude of business managers, and ask a serious Questionnaire. The aftereffect must be to publish their findings, and do so before the Elections. Here are some components of the effort which should be asked:

1) What are your plans for expansion within the near term?
2) How much would you increase your Productivity if the Stimulus was passed?
3) How much would you increase your Productivity if the Bush Tax Cuts are kept?
4) How would either the Stimulus or Tax Cuts affect your Hiring practice?
5) What is your forward-looking employment policy–how many Workers will you hire or fire in the future, and will passage of one or the other, or both, of the above policies affect that current decision?

The Poll should be extensive, so the Poll should be kept short. This means that 80% of all Employers hiring over 3 individuals should be contacted. I doubt that any Funding for such a Poll could be found among Anyone concerned with the political debate; they simply want the benefit of the Stimulus or Tax Cuts without Concern for its material effect. I call upon all graduate Economic students to devise their own local Polls, and publish their Results on the Internet. American Taxpayers should be aware of the likely effects of any political economic policy prior to the Election, and able to contribute to the political fight after the Election concerning these Issues. I know that I will get a groundswell of good-natured support for the effort–Right! lgl

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spencer said...

the honest answer to essentially every one of these questions is "i do not know."