Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Everyone has their own ideas about regulation. Here is a well-thought response to the issue. I would myself take a scythe to regulations, but do so in an intelligent method. I would pass into law an act detailing every agency and Dept. of the federal government must re-codify all their regulations and get Congress to pass on or strike out any element found wanting of intelligence, after which end a Manual will be published as regulatory law in force for ten years; the process to be repeated after such Period. It would probably take 3 years for such a Process to take place, and would be delayed ad infinitum unless pressed, so I would pass into law the nullification of all current regulation past January 1, 2015. The Manuals, and nothing but the Manuals, would govern agency and Dept. response to everything under their supervision.

Some otherwise intelligent people have asked me Why I so dislike graphs and diagrams, except those I fashion myself. I finally found a Post which can explain my hesitation. Graphing does excellent work, if one can interpret the information from the graph accurately. The trouble arises from the fact that interpretation often is dependent in the quality and style of Training one has received in such graphical study. Check out the diagrams presented in the Post, and try to develop a sense in what they say. Now, if you are extremely wealthy, go and buy the book and estimate what they would make of the Mess ( Cost Price–$160).

I will finish today with this Post for my older Reader. One can even program the relationship between Risk and Return. It is one of the prime reasons for so many Corporations ceasing their distribution of Dividends, knowing the safety of Pricing in their Stocks, with enough growth to silence any Return demand. Understand that the Fed is shoring up the Investment banks, who are shoring up Wall Street; a constant Savings or Deposit rate of 5% per year over 40 years would have done better than equal investment in the Stock Markets over the last 40 years for about 95% of Investors–considering the Ups and Downs. I know that about 70% of the Investors in the Stock Markets should not be in Markets at all. It is simply that they possess no alternative. lgl

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