Saturday, December 18, 2010

The Real End of the World

Read this Post and the links within it. I contest the basic data, but not in a manner which people are used to; Stating that it is a common element of developed civilization. Rome became a huge City whose citizens spent the entire day at the Games, a factor which went on throughout the empire. Beijing used to have huge numbers sleeping in the streets back in the day it was called Peking. New Delhi had a half-million people living homeless last time I checked. You may ask what it is that I am trying to say, and I will try to explain.

There is a historical record existent that all industry starts very labor-intensive, then pares down to being highly technological, with only about 45% of the original Workforce necessary to maintain the successful production levels. The is at direct variance to familial rearing of replacement labor cadres. There has always been a traditional increase in the labor force coming from more children raised than required for simple replacement of population. We have a functional oversupply of labor by the third Generation to fill the original cadre, which has been significantly reduced by technological development.

It is only the start of the Problem, though, as I hope to make my Readers understand. The increase in Population raises Consumer Demand and brings the development of Service industries to provide for the extended Population. Service industries, though, are subject to technological advance with reduction of employed labor force exactly like earlier industries. Now enters the growing Problem where Consumption must be paid for, and there is a shrinking number of people capable of financing that Consumption within the increased Consumer Demand minus finance. Can the economists among you explain what that last term signifies? Dark Thoughts turn efforts away from productive labor into the realm of fraud. Bernie Madoff becomes easy to understand, while hard labor becomes undignified; all within the periphery of higher Price to Those who must purchase Product, simply to pay for the pilferage. Now We are at a position where Third Generation positioning will always produce a larger Population with less Occupation, and less capacity to pay for Consumption. It has broken every Civilization in history, and there is no Solution for the Problem. Don’t you wish that We lived in a vibrant economy? lgl

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