Tuesday, December 28, 2010

A level Playing Field

I like Tyler Cowen so much because I often find something I can contend. Wealthy people cannot find artistic merit in paying for their entertainment. Many of his Commentators find the entrance of Unions into the mix of payments to be a vast usury, with Wealthy people being defrauded. I am going to fly off the scale here, and should be roundly denounced, but I am going to do it anyway! Almost All who attend these performances regularly live in residences which cost more than $3 million (divided by 365–What?) Some 70% of them possess some Sailing vessel which range in Cost from $40k to $7 million; said vessel housed in docking for anywhere from $400–$9000 per month. They take 3 Trips per year somewhere in the World–estimated Cost of said singular trip somewhere between $30k–$400,000. Their average Christmas List costs between $30-50k. Forty Percent of these specialized Consumers possess specialized Vacation housing estimated to average about $500k–$4 million; Some with up to a round dozen of Residences.

I do not know the Price of New York Concert Tickets–probably anywhere from $400–$2000 per Ticket. They undoubtedly could not live in their primary housing for even one day for those amounts. It is unlikely they could dock their favorite vessel for more than 3 months for the number of times per year they attend these Concerts. The Pricing of the Stagehands is inline with the normal Charges for labor among the Boat-builders. They get as much Service at these Concerts as they normally receive on their yearly Trips, which is better than they receive at their Vacation homes; remember they pay more is Cost and Taxation for these secondary homes when Ticket Costs are multiplied by 365. I can guarantee that they get more Service from Concert Hall staff in their Trips to the Concert Hall than they generally receive from Anyone on their Christmas List.

Wall Street Wizards are granted the Right by so many Conservatives to demand usurious rates for their labor participation within the economy, but when the role is reversed, great outcries result when poor labor thinks to apply their monopoly positions to be paid as well as the aforementioned Wizards. I would suggest that All reexamine their concept of a level Playing Field, especially within the arena of potential Taxation. The Wealthy are lucky that I am not a Plumber! It is a sad Story when an economist could use what are relatively minute amounts of labor salary when set against the total labor force employment, just to attack Labor Unions. lgl

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