Friday, December 31, 2010

Who'se your buddy?

One has to really ask who your friends are, when you start reading Pieces like this one. Once this data works through your mind, ask how many Couples have been reduced to One Income from Two Incomes over the past two years. Remember that the Couple must make somewhere are $30k in order to save at all, and need to make around $80k to get the same benefit as the upper end of Incomes. What is amusing is American Taxpayers imagine that Congress is serving their Interests in this type of Tax Cuts. It reminds of corrupt Union officials, who had to be paid off with a bigger Slice of the Wages of union members than the members got, simply in order to the members to gain any advantage.

I will recommend this long Post to my Readers who wish to find the materials to adjudge the Standards of Living expressed through different societies during the ages of Mankind. There are several methodologies explained in development of models of comparison, though I personally dislike most of the models. I prefer a poundage of Consumption materials consumed per month per Individual, thinking such Consumption could not vary relatively over Time by more than a factor of 3 under any maintenance of social structure. We are talking about Averages here, and it is easy to estimate the population size, then estimate the Transport facilities with their load capacity into the area. The model may seem simplistic, but one can get very real and verifiable statistics from the model.

Some bright Individual might at this time inquire why I would introduce two such disparate Posts in one venue. My model works very well in the current world, and has some applications here. We need only to define what Consumption poundage a American Poor Person consumed per month in a number of different periods of time; most consistent for my labor being 1993, 2000, 2004, 2008, and 2010. It would also be necessary to estimate the Consumption poundage per month of the wealthiest tier of Consumers for the same periods. Now, We can estimate how the Tax alterations of the past periods affected the poundage Consumption for both Rich and Poor. I don’t really do models–too mathematically imprecise–but I think this works to the real advantage of legislators of all stripes. Dare I say more without being arrested for subversion? lgl

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