Friday, December 10, 2010

New Day for Health Care

I would start by asking Readers to preview this Post from the CBO. It includes important information which must be understood. Health Care Costs are rising, and the Republican advocacy of cutting Welfare benefits are unviable; the vast majority of health care patients cannot withstand health care Costs now, when those Costs make up 10% of the GDP, never will the Populace withstand a rise in those load-bearing Costs to 16% of GDP. Republicans may think they can surround hospitals with barbed-wire topped walls and Security guard dogs, but if they want any health care at all, it must be open to Everyone–too many Guns and Knives out there! Police agencies will not do well suppressing demand for health care, especially as those Officers and their families will need health care themselves.

We must approach the Problem from both Sides, by raising tax revenues, and by cutting health care Costs. My view of increasing tax revenues is return to a uniform tariff of 6% on all Imports; it not only raises immense revenues, it also cancels the added Cost of domestic production where domestic taxation for Services drain their Profitability under competition. My second plan is for Congress to pass a progressive list of taxation per units of $10,000 as an Alternate Minimum Tax; specifically, below $20,000–a tax rate of 0%, $30-50,000–a tax rate of 10%, $60-80,000–a tax rate of 12%, and above $80–100,000–a rate of 15%, and over $100,000–a tax rate of 20%. You must pay the regular taxation after all reductions, or the AMT–whichever is higher. I would like to eliminate the growth to full payment strategy currently on the Tax base, where the Taxpayer must pay the top rate wherever his Income falls throughout the total of his Income.

Reducing the health care Costs can be effective if We treat the health care problem as a unit Whole. There are some simple Rules which must be adopted:

1) Any Doctor who receives more than $60,000 in payments from Government subsidy for the treatment of Patients will be considered Government Employees and receive no further payment for their services; combined with the expectation that they will maintain a set Patient load of Government subsidized Patients throughout the Work Year, granted one month of Vacation with a substitute Doctor named; failure to maintain this Work load will cause Penalty of demanded return of Salary consistent with the percentage of failing to meet this Standard.
2) Clinics will be granted a sum of $250,000 before they are considered a Government facility in payment for treatment of Government-subsidized Patients, and given only Cost plus 10% past that Point to meet their Expenses; again meeting the Patient load acceptable to Medicine for the size of their facility.
3) Hospitals will be given an initial payment of $2 million before given the same treatment as clinics.
4) All Drugs and Medical Equipment will be paid for by Government subsidy at Production Cost plus 20%–the standard rate for medical royalty provision. Their Research Costs may be paid up to 25%, if a panel of medical economists find a marked improvement in Patient Care, but only after Proof than the regular payment schedule will not repay the cost of Research.

We have to change, and the sooner the better. Medical Insurance must be held in check, with Government medical economists setting the rate charged for standard procedures on which Insurers cannot contest the Charges–Get it from the Insured as premiums. A vast Change in Government procedure, but utterly necessary; We need all of the Above. lgl

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