Saturday, December 04, 2010

New Taxes

Here is an article which shows that the Playing Field has never been equal. The Poor cannot afford the favoritism which the Rich hire. Could I put up with the expiration of the Obama Tax Cuts?Certainly! Do I want expiration of the Bush Tax Cuts?–even greater Certainty! It is not only the Just thing to do; it makes an incredible sense given the skewed Expenditures of the Government not covered by tax revenues. There still exists an almost Certainty, though, that the Bush Tax Cuts will be reinstated without revision, and the Obama Tax Cuts reinstated only with sharp revision, unless Democrats make huge concessions to a Republican budgetary plan which is only of real advantage to the Wealthy. This Certainty finds establishment in the fact that all of Congress belongs to the Wealthy Class benefitted by the current system.

There are a number of Nuisance Taxes which Democrats could force upon a reluctant Republican Congress, if they desired to do so; it all a Question of turning to the Voters for support. I would pass the Accounting Tax: where every Taxpayer must pay in addition to his determined taxation an amount equal to the total Costs paid to Accountants and Tax Preparers (including lawyers). It has an inherent sense; if you create a huge documentation which must be checked, then you should pay for the Cost of checking it. It is clear that We would all want some standard deduction on this Tax; I would suggest a deduction of $250 per Individual Taxpayer, and $2500 per individual Business. Everyone else must pay the full amount to assure the price of Accounting is paid for the Government.

There is always the Deduction Tax: which is simply a taxation each Taxpayer must pay on the total amounts saved by Tax deductions, Tax Credits, and Tax Exemptions. It is optional if the Voters want to include Tax deferments until later in life. I would suggest a straight taxation of 12% of all such tax remissions, and even give an Exemption on this Deduction Tax equaling the standard personal deduction, plus maybe some deduction from this Tax for each dependent; never including a member of the Workforce. There is always the Luxury Vehicle Tax, where Purchasers must pay $10 per $1000 above any Vehicle of Standard Options average Price for the year in question. This later Tax must enter an Insurance Fund to pay for the added Cost of Car Insurance from luxury vehicle claims. I would get really nasty with a Viewed Tax, where any Politician, Business person, Lawyer, or Advertising Agent must pay $1 per minute for every minute of Viewing Time he is viewed or heard on Radio or TV; this Tax also includes repeat Airings of Material, it all being considered Advertising of Person, if not Product. There are ways to get tax revenues out of these bas, hmmn, individuals. lgl

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