Monday, December 20, 2010

The Hideous Corvee

The true nature of the Problem is defined here, but the Solutions are all wrong. It is not time to attack labor, even public labor, but to attach blame where it belongs: at the feet of Conservatives willing to suppress anything to suppress Taxes. They want all the advantages of a safe and secure life, without any reduction of their own Wage and Profit. They would most certainly insist that Others work for nothing or at Starvation Wages, in order for themselves to live at the peak of their potential Income. The real need is to shake up the extreme Comfort of the Wealthy.
I advise all Readers to await the end of this Post before exhibiting great rage, as this projected law I advocate has many Parts, some of which cancel or ameliorate prior issues. I will probably do best in simply outlining the thing to be passed into law:

1) No Public Employee will be paid for more than 25 hours per Week. The Government will insist that the following Working Hours must be devoted to Insurance and Pension.
2) Public Employees can accept payment for Government labor from private sources, but at no rates less than the listed Minimum Wage. The Employee can also list up to 4 payments per any of the 40 or more Hours which they are expected to labor.
3) Introduction of the a law of Corvee, which insists that anyone listed as a Wage Earner, Salary Earner, Capital Gains Earner above a certain level of Income, or Recipient of Professional fees must provide 10 Hours of Public Service per month.
4) All People subject to the Corvee can hire Others acceptable to the Government involved as substitute labor to the Government; the hired Personnel required to register Who has employed them, and at what Wage.
5) There will be a central labor Pool designed to combine potential Employer with potential Employee, and to see that labor is distributed evenly across Local, State, and Federal Jobs.

Study of the Situation will tell that enforcement of such a law would solve the Benefits problem for Public employees. The dedication of 15 hours per Week of Government labor to payment for such programs eliminates the Debt problems. Private Citizens can utilize the system to bring understanding of the need to pay Public Employees a Living Wage. There can be a registered program by which Private Citizens can group their labor into full Workweeks, if they desire to actually provide the Corvee instead of paying for Substitutes. Violation of the law will be a $10,000 Fine per Incidence plus the total number of hours of labor lost times the average hourly Wages or Salaries at the Violators alternate occupation. And you people thought you knew how to establish a Big Brother State! lgl

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