Friday, December 17, 2010

Here I go Again

I recommend this Post to my Readers, and would ask you several Questions about the thing. What do you think about the potential Answers if exactly the same Questions were asked of a Poll today? How would American society have changed if the prevailing views had been adopted in follow years? Could answering the same questions by modern Polled tend to lead these people away from established Liberal and Conservative positions today? Would there be higher optimism in modern Americans if such type questions were asked of them in consistent Polling? Would persistent Polling among widespread Americans along with publication of those Results engender a greater adoption of liberal tendencies because of previous levels of success with liberal results, without undue hardship coming from most restrictions caused by the liberal adoptions? Would this style of continuous discussion among Americans actually help or hinder the political process in America? Could such a continuous stirring of American sentiment actually produce greater separation of Politician and Lobbyist?

I had thought of another idea when contemplating this article. The Republicans want a reduced Estate taxation, Democrats want a higher Estate taxation. I would promote a Compromise! Let the Republicans have their 35% after a certain level–which I believe will devolve to be about $5 million. Here is the Kicker: All Estates must first give back all Benefits received by the Deceased from the Government prior to death: this means however number of Personal yearly Deductions, all Unemployment Benefits, all Social Security and Medicare payments, and all delayed Tax Credits which were unpaid. No one ever said I could not piss off Wealthy people.

I am going to keep this Post short today, basically because it is Friday and I am already writing on Weekend time. Oh, in the above Option, I would allow them to deduct whatever FICA taxes they had paid in on themselves; though not in their role as Employer. Isn’t it wonderful to be Santa Claus, and gouge the Rich! lgl

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