Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Another form of land usage and Water Treatment

I was amazed by the video in this Post, and feel that Everyone should view it. We currently have declining cattle herds, with the Meat-Producers leading the list of shrinking resources. Without further research into the material, which I may later make, I would call for a program of the federal government purchase of 2 million head of beef cattle per year on the open Market, and transfer of these animals to poor grass areas during the Rain or Wet season for the land. Here is the elements of the program of which I would approve:

1) Transfer would be made only of young healthy Stock before investiture in the feedlot Cost spectrum, so as not to affect the Cost of butcher Meats or Feed Grains.
2) I would have All tagged and branded with federal signature, stipulating that none of these animals could be sold to Feedlot, Packing Plant, or Animal Rearing Units except by the Government.
3) All care in Transfer to the allotted acreage, and final collection of the animals for Sale to Feedlots would be done by federally-employed or contracted Employees.
4) There is indication that Herding during the process hastens the Recovery, so that the Local Employment can be sustained for long-term Periods.
5) Back of the Envelope figuring leads me to the imagination that several years of such sequestration of animals will raise the level of Beef herds by 25%, while most of the Cost of the program would be recovered by the resale of the animals after 2 years.

I now have several qualifications that my farm background leads me to announce. The usage of cattle could be most effective, the use of Hogs, Sheep, and Goats would be highly counterproductive to the process. The will be a huge Cost in vehicle transfer of Herds from Dry to Wet areas when the Rain stops, but the cooling effect of the recovered areas will present less need of transference over Time. Most economists will not understand the ramifications of such activity, lacking a background in animal husbandry. One myth I would like to discard immediately will be the Claim that increased numbers of large animals will lead to increased levels of Methane Gras; this is Wrong, as the chemical decay of the areas release the same Methane as does Gestation. The second myth to be dismissed is the contention that Livestock pollutes Clean Water. Reality states that animal waste delivers the microorganisms and chemicals in natural state capable of killing both bacteria and Viruses, and the additional chemicals share many of the properties of proper fluoridation, if one allows the water to flow a couple miles from the position of animal waste deposit. It only sounds gross! lgl

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