Tuesday, March 08, 2011

Where to Start

I read sorrowfully through this missive from the CBO. The main thrust of the argument was the nonsensical nature of the budget Gains made over the Period. Slow growth in Expenditure Savings were listed as caused by reduced welfare for the Wealthy, reduced welfare for the Unemployed, and a short-term suppression of normal growth in Medicare and Medicaid Spending. The worst aspect of the poor Gains was the increase in the Interest from the increased debt levels of the federal government. Only as an aside did it mention that Social Security Spending increased by 4%; it specifically not identifying whether this increase included, or excluded, the reduction of the payroll contributions for FICA. He did mention in passing that Defense Spending increased by 3% for the Period, though this was the one area where the Rules were not altered, so that it was a real runaway excess which no one wants to discuss.

I feel We have a real blind-spot of major proportions here. Economists should help in the on-going race for the Presidency starting about now. How this is to be done is by citing continuously the actual deficit areas of the Budget, and analyzing exactly where and what programs are costing the excess Spending. We as a Nation will not be able to stabilize the federal budget, and bring restraint, until We can talk about the real areas which should not exist. One of my great decisions on policy states that without Need through Specific Threat for any specific Weapons system, there should be absolutely no deficit spending to accomplish success; it is all a question of reducing Time Schedules and provision of Partial Payments. Attempts should be made to Sunset obsolete programs and policies throughout the federal government, and sell the vast quantities of materials purchased–then stored without use.

One cannot even begin to start a program of reduction of Government Spending without hard Numbers as to where the Money is flowing. This must be eliminated by a policy of Last Hands accountable, must Answer for the loss of funds. They will find where the Money went, or they will be fired or imprisoned. Every program director should be forced to advance a Paper Proposal to Congress outlining their own belief of what must be done, if funding was reduced by 20%. All such directors should be asked to forward a list of program recipients who make more than $100,000 in federal funds from the program. There should be Congressional Hearings questioning subordinate federal employees of the programs, questioning the validity of director reports and their views on budget reduction. This is the way to begin to control federal Spending, and it must be started soon, else We will drown in debt. lgl

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