Thursday, March 24, 2011

Your Basic Award System

I have decided to go totally off the Reservation today, and delve where no man was meant to go; this into the area of Bonuses, Pensions, Stock awards, and medical coverage. There stands so much hassle about Bonus systems and health care coverage that the system seems to be broken, which it relatively comes with the Reality as well as the Image. Business has always maintained the ideal that they should possess sole Right to determine how they award their Employees. Labor has continuously contended that Management was totally unfair in their Award system, granting Management personnel far greater advantage over the rest of its employees. I study the system, and find that both are accurate: Those who determine their own Pay, pay themselves much better than those who have no Voice in the decision process. Business is presently in a major Conflict with Labor to suspend Collective Bargaining between Business and Labor, completely eliminating the Labor Voice from the decision process. What is to be done when one agrees with both Sides?

I decide it is time to revamp the whole Award system. The first Step is to determine the base Wage Scale levels, and how these base Wages will be increased on future Growth and under the impact of Inflation. The Second Step consists on insistence that medical coverage extend as least as long as the base Wages are paid. The third Step is to outlaw any Bonus or Award system in which all Labor components do not shard equally of the benefit as apportioned by their participation within the Production process. The difficulty of determining the later Step leads naturally for the fourth Step, which would be to disallow any benefit or Award which is disassociated from the base Wage Scale.

My original Concept stands as there shall be no Bonus or Award granted except for an extension of the base Salary for an Award period past Severance of Employment, the period length determined by Management; though the filing of such Award determines by law that it must be paid. Everyone knows Business management’s lack of desire to pay Wages past the usefulness of the Wages, meaning that such Awards will be carefully crafted and of short duration. The Award can be of any Size ranging from Base Starting Salary to final Employee Salary upon Retirement. Remember that these Salaries must be paid under the same Schedule as currently-employed Labor, and are legally binding for the total summation of Time periods awarded. Medical coverage must continue for the same length of period, if it is granted to currently Employed. We suddenly find Management hampered in their easy growth to great Wealth, Labor finds much of their complaints satisfied without that much Collective Bargaining, and Business still has complete management over the level of contracted liability they will owe to Labor. We might get back to awarding past effort without massive search for personal Wealth, people might concentrate on their Jobs because they possess long-term interest in the success of their enterprise, and Business even will probably show a better bottom line. lgl

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