Friday, March 11, 2011

The Gag Amendment

I am so sick of listening to People talking about the horrors of Unions everywhere on the Internet and Public Broadcasts. I have considered the entire situation for months, without any resolution of what could possibly be done to represent both Sides of the argument. I found that I could come up with little, but then I contemplated working from the other direction, this being what I have come up with; a real Wake-up Call I hope for a Right-Wing formation who believe they can do no Wrong. It is a constitutional amendment specifically ordered to counter unfair representation of Views. Here are the main Points:

Constitutional Amendment:
1) No Individual can criticize, attack, or otherwise condemn the Income of any other American or Legal Resident, if their own Income by Income Tax or Capital Gains Tax filings are higher than the Income or Income Class criticized. The Penalty for such Criticism will be one year's Income for one Individual of the Criticized Income Class as defined by the previous year's Tax Returns; Payable to the IRS with specific purpose of paying down the national debt. The only Exception to this Violation is in discussions made during Collective Bargaining negoitations. Such Negoitations cannot be broadcast Live on either Public Stations or Internet Connection by any means.

2) Public Broadcasts criticizing any Labor organization, Union, or Society of any type cannot be made without granting the offended Party equal Airtime without format or editorial commentary from the Public Broadcaster; all Costs of the broadcast to be borne by the Broadcaster itself, with no attempt to bill the Labor organization. The Response must be run an equal amount of times as the original Criticism during the same operational hours as the Criticism broadcast--still at Broadcaster expense.

3) Any Business, or Business organization, which pays for any Advertising casting Labor in injurious light--especially criticism of labor organization or Collective Bargaining--must pay an equal amount as the Advertising cost to the Unions specificed, it to be placed within their labor recruitment budget.

There is a definite bias today in the reportage given to labor conditions, never mentioning the position of Labor, or granting the Gains which the Labor Movement have achieved during the history of the United States. Those who consider this Amendment radical should be happy I did not include a provision in the Amendment requiring every Commentator on Wage levels to specifically state his or her own Income at each Airing based for their previous year's Tax Statements. I know that economists will hate this entire Post, but Labor is being injured by a slander campaign which is well-financed and organized by Individuals who have much better position in the World than your average Laborer. lgl

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