Tuesday, March 29, 2011

The High Moral Ground

I began reading this Piece, and started to feel disquiet, then I reached the part where Megan should have more forcibly retracted her own statements because of the follow-up information. The bright Knight is slightly tarnished armor in me decided I needed to ride my trusty stead, almost as Good as Don Quixote’s, at the gallop. I considered that I would need something new and original for evaluation, something to stick the lance point in the Corporate rear, even if my slight weight could do no real penetration. I hoped that the radio would play the Song ‘The Night Chicago Died’ so I could imagine that though the Darkness surrounded me, Right and Truth could still succeed. I was hit by a Bolt of Lightning, or at least a bit of joint pain, and came up with the Winning Ticket; otherwise known as the Alternative Corporate Minimum Tax for Domestic Sales. It is quite simple in context, some might say like its author. There are only a few short elements in the hopeful law, which I will stipulate: 1) Every Corporation and Business must pay the Alternative Corporate Minimum Tax for Domestic Sales 2) The ACMT will apply in each and every case where the Business or Corporation does not pay an equal or greater amount of Tax in the United States on the Profits of their Sales in the domestic United States. 3) The ACMT will not consider any Tax paid elsewhere of any form–including State and Local Taxation, Excise Taxes, and Taxes paid to any foreign entity. 4) Foreign Corporations and Business enterprise will be as subject to the ACMT as domestic entities. 5) The ACMT will be equal to the lowest listed Income Tax rate for Individual Taxpayers, and the final Tax applied will be the highest of the two applications–the normal Tax Accounting, or the ACMT. 6) The Profits from Domestic Sales will be considered to be 10% for Domestic Sales, unless the Business or Corporation can prove a reduced Profit from actual finance payments made outside the canopy of the total Business or Corporation.. I wish my Business friends well, as I ride off to joust with lesser Knights; I could get bruised up you know. The one Thought I would leave with all of you must be that We cannot create Debt through Spending which We know We will never be responsible for, or pay. Forcing our descendants enter Receivership is both Wrong and morally bankrupt. lgl

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