Monday, May 02, 2005


This Author enjoys controversy, but this could be going Above and Beyond. Construction has again expanded by 0.5% last month. How far can it expand? It has been expanding for months, and shows no sign of easing. It is pushing all Resource Costs--but especially Fuel. Manufacturing holds its own, with a little improvement; but remains unwilling to return to By-Gone Days. There should be a Policy change, as the Economy has expanded to the max under the current policy matrix.

The Author calls for immediate repeal of the Bush Tax Cuts. Construction is the traditional 'dumping pool' for excess Profits. It is the same for Individuals! A Brother-in-law has just completed the purchase of a third residence this Year, and thinks of building a new primary residence next year. Why? Diversion of Personal Gains from taxation. Current Business practice stands as worse, with All dumping Profits into construction of new facilities as tax evasion and no plans for business expansion. We have ridden the crest of economic gain from the Bush Tax Cuts; We should cancel them, before diversion of Resources eat Us out of economic expansion. lgl

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