Friday, May 06, 2005

Labor Numbers

The Labor Dept. Claims the Economy has added 700,000 Jobs since the start of the Year. Fine and Wonderful! There is only one problem: why does independent economic models express a slowing Economy, and why does the Labor Dept. still report 339,000 discouraged Workers alongside 333,000 New Unemployment claims? (Check previous Post: Background Briefings)

Snow (Treasury Secretary) was all prepared for a media blitz with the release of the Labor Dept. Report. Study of the Report suggests a vast increase in Hamburger-flippers and the Summer pre-Tourist cleanup crews. The Labor Dept. also found 93,000 additional Jobs created in February and March than previously reported; must be real important Jobs, to take this long to show up. It is also indicative that the Wholesale Trade sector grew the slowest: isn't this the season of a doubling of outside Work, requiring Wholesale supply? lgl

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