Monday, May 16, 2005

Make or Break Month

May is the month where We find out if the higher Fuel bills will have an impact upon fuel consumption. Ideal Model outcome is a 6% drop in Fuel Consumption year on year from last year. The Price of Gas would then be about $1.80/gallon by Fall--start of the Heating season. Worst Scenario will be if Worldwide fuel consumption eats up the excess capacity by an 8% increase year on year from last Year. Fuel prices then will have to be stabilized by Rationing, unheard of since WWII.

The Author had hopes high Fuel prices would curtail the non-Productive usage of Fuels. He has noticed fewer RVs on the road, but they are still substantially there. Truck traffic has slowed somewhat, though it takes a trained Eye to detect it. He needed to go to his local Walmart this morning, though, and found the Parking areas filled as usual. The final deep cut consists of SUV Sales are again going up in relation to other new Vehicle Sales. The American Consumer is pushing the Envelope.

Author Proposals:

Any Steps to avoid Gas Rationing stand preferable to the bureaucratic mess itself. The President should immediately order all National and State Parks to triple their Access and Camping fees. He should also order all Single-Occupant vehicle access to Toll roads to pay triple the normal Toll rate. Down-the-Road Congressional Act could demand all Shopping facilities install Parking meters in their Parking areas, collected Funds to underwrite State Medicaid Costs; the Parking toll will be $1 per hour, gathered by the Shopping facility itself for 20% of the revenue (The City Parking tickets will be real enough, at $50 apiece a significant source of Local Government revenue). lgl

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