Monday, May 30, 2005

Memorial Day

A Day not only for Veterans, but for all Loved Ones lost for whatever reason. We still owe Veterans an obligation, though, to review the American tide of history. World War II Veterans now suffer the infirmities of old age, and will see few additional Memorial Days. It is imperative We gift them with an appreciative word of Thanks on this Day. Other military personnel should be thanked as well. It truly is the Day to Thank All who have served, or are serving in the Military.

A further obligation exists, though, in that We should reconsider the American hubris which affects Our military so drastically; We must avoid creation of unnecessary Memorials to American military dead, by avoiding such Deaths if at all possible. The best way to accomplish this goal remains reexamination of American military commitments.

The United States entered WWII because of a Japanese attack upon Pearl Harbor. America responded to the immediate Injury by establishment of long-term military commitments. This Author stated once that We have had an American army of occupation in Europe since 1942, and an American army of occupation in Japan since 1945. It is known We have had an American army of occupation on the Korean peninsula since 1950. Anyone can find multiple defensive Arguments of the current American deployments in these areas, but All realize the continued American military presence in these regions serve only American bureaucratic hubris. The Time of Need for these deployments has passed.

The 9/11 Attack on the World Trade Center and New York was spurred by American military support of Israel. Does the United States have a real national interest in provision of this military support? The answer is Yes! Did the United States have to attack Afghanistan and Iraq because of 9/11? Afghanistan--Yes, Iraq--No! The Answer expresses the real danger of American bureaucratic and Political hubris. The Afghanistan invasion was based upon a real American interest, and because it was recognized as a real need, was and is not fought by even native Afghans. America has no real national interest in the invasion of Iraq, and We are paying the price in American Dead and Wounded.

Great Presidents and American Leadership keep American military endeavors contained to specific regions, with proper concentration of proper military force. All the U.S. invasions of the Banana Republics in the first half of the 20th Century did not equal the Cost of the current American incursions, both in terms of Casualties and military expenditures. The sick humor of the comparison lies in the fact that the previous invasions faced more equitably armed and trained opposition, than the current invasions. A Telling Point is the statement that the previous invasions cost only about 1-3% of the damage to native economies as has the Later, so American Good Will and Friendship was maintained with native populations.

American Political and Military Policy must be changed, before the United States will ever regain the prestige of Our Forefathers. lgl

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