Friday, May 20, 2005

What is North Korea Doing?

This is not the usual ramble on the idiosyncrasy of North Korean leadership concerning their nuclear threat. They produce a multiplex of threats to American national objectives. This Author has received an unverified report that the N. Korean munitions industry has started to supply Terrorist elements; nothing new, except for detail. The gist of this rumor, until verified, states N. Korean are sending wire-guided, hand-held, anti-armor missiles to Iraqi insurgents through Iran. This would be an major escalation of the Terrorism in Iraq, as such missiles have a range of 1000 meters with a 80% accuracy. N. Korea is known to have about 18,000 of these weapons in stock, and the capacity to produce about 2000 per year.

The Report may be nothing more than Islamic Terrorist rhetoric, but the Author suggests American intelligence take the Information seriously until disproved. It implies almost 4000 of these weapons are already in the process of distribution throughout Iraq. The major problem of such a Weapon system in Iraq is not simply threat to American soldiers. Most Armor vehicles need a direct hit (not a deflection hit) to achieve penetration. The threat to Convoys, though, is incredibly high, and the Oil pipelines could be permanently closed with little danger to the attacking Insurgents. lgl

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