Thursday, August 13, 2009

Bad Programs for the future

Great Minds think alike, or a couple of individuals went to the hard labor of compiling some hard research on the labor market. They agree with me on the sluggishness of the future labor market. I, being myself a member of the Baby Boom, almost wish they had found alternate information. They conclude that Unemployment will stay around 10% through 2011, and might stay above 6% for a decade. I forecast that the labor market would stay poor until the Baby Boomers retired, about the same thing, with the same period of Time. The only thing which might save Us could be a regeneration of American manufacturing. This is not really a foolish expectation, if and when the American Dollar tanks because of the huge debt being created by American Consumer and Government. The decline of the Dollar might insist that Americans produce their own Products. All aspects are up in the Air, and I wish We had a major economic study on the difficulties of bringing manufacturing back to this Country.

Greg Mankiw takes an unholy joy is finding that Thomas Crocker has reservations about implementation of Cap-n-Trade. He feels this way because Crocker originally suggested the Concept of Cap-n-Trade. I, as a side issue, would state that I agree with them in almost every particular where they find Cap-n-Trade a failure. An emissions tax is the only vehicle where Carbon emission can be minimized without a maze of contradictory regulation, based upon need to track illusive market transactions. Choosing to give away Carbon Permits starts the program down the road of Injustice, and loss of taxation, from which the program will never recover; especially if the Giveaways are periodic every year, as now envisioned.

Both of my Paragraphs have a relationship, as both are concerned about the obstructions to new Start-Ups, which are utterly necessary for any major improvement in the American economy. We will eventually have to bring manufacturing Home to save our own economy. We cannot achieve any higher percentage of native production, if compelling government regulation and tax forestalls the creation of new American industry. Current Corporate structure would reduce Americans to simple Consumers because of lower Production Costs in foreign manufacture. The fact of the Case, though, is that the American Dollar will not sustain itself in the long-run, if manufacturing is not re-introduced into the American economy; a Concept opposed by Corporations, who are totally alienated from the basic maneuvers of competitive Start-Up production. Corporate scheduling cannot handle the rapid Shifts of Price in competitive marketing; it defeating their entire system of personal reward in the Corporate structure, where achievement must be defended by some methodology. The American economy is thereby in a battle with the Corporate world to produce an effective American production structure. The solution will be family-originated Corporate systems based upon best technology; a system which cannot survive the suppression of any Cap-n-Trade system where Start-Ups are penalized by previous usage allotments. lgl

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