Monday, August 03, 2009

It is all the size of the Bet

What is the value of a Power Player? Paul Krugman discusses the Issue. I know Casino Managers who actually fire Dealers who are found to be too smart, One has to follow the Play, and there is a lack of value to allowing People access to your Money when you cannot understand where it is going. It is the old axiom of tracking your Money, and if you cannot follow the trail, dump the Money Manager. I once knew a Man who was a Salesman, so fantastic that he was soon making more Money than the Man who hired him, who was totally incensed when he was fired. Can Anyone figure out Why?

We now have the Situation where Employers are making vastly less Money than the People which they Hire. A fundamental Question must be asked: Does it really matter that the Employees hold such Skill? As a Boss, I might call them into the Office, and explain that they had a good Run at the Market; but it was now Time to go help Someone else make Money. Aptitude has parameters like everything else, and Others should be given a chance to shine. The vaunted Skills may be overpriced, and themselves lack at real Market evaluation. I could honestly support legislation which insisted that Employees receiving over twenty times the Average Bonus inside a Company according to the Company bonus program, would be required to search for alternate Work; based on the principle that Others should be allowed equal chance of Advancement to such exalted Payscales. It is Time, anyway, that they helped other organizations to attain Success.

I, like Paul Krugman, see marked little value is much of the aggregation efforts of the top Moneymakers in the first place. There is far too much emphasis placed on the stockpiling of liquid assets at the expense of other programs, many of which is utterly essential for economic performance; to say nothing of Company success, also in need of uniform success. Somewhere, We have lost the Concept of pursuit of Profits for organizational success. The Markets are not places where the worst Scoundrels are allowed to make as much Money as they can; the Populace has already spoken in real terms to Those whose hands were caught in the Till. We need something to speak to Those not yet caught, and tell them it does not matter whether their activities were fundamentally Honest or Not; they as a Labor class are making too much Money for the People who must share the Risk with them without their own real Reward. lgl

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