Friday, August 07, 2009

Unsealable Cracks

Everyone should know that I dislike long Posts, especially from Someone still addicted to the bendigo of Socialist Thought. Still, I sometimes read the wild musings of different stripes, from Hayekians to Trotskyites. Slavjo Zizek stands as one of those individuals whose Insight would be extremely valuable, if not counced within an unweildy Socialist construct. He discusses the recent Iranian Protests about the Election with great discernment, but does not clearly outline that it was a battle between Those who want ‘Heaven on Earth’ and a repressive regime trying to follow the dictates of Heaven. Read the Tract, and ask yourself how much error can be found in the basic formulation, and whether Admadinejad is held in place simply to forestall Fundamentalist loss of implied mandate, or that the man actually is a master Manipulator. The sadness resides in the fact that in either case, the end result is a repressive regime based upon the terror of the populace.

Read this article, and ask whether Anyone could grasp the magnitude of the Problem. The piece does not explain the fundamental contradiction of health care, which is that it is too expensive for either the designed level of Coverage, or the Wage system of the economy. There are far too many people to be covered with the extreme extent of medical care desired, and it absorbs too great a percentage of national Income now. The exact Problem consists of the need to provide universal medical coverage to All, at the equivalent Cost of the current level of expenditure. This means the current per Patient, and per Item Cost, of expenditure must be lowered. This calls for restructuring the medical industry, not for designing new valuable Cash Cows for a privatized medical industry. The debate over the quality of the medical industry is immaterial; We cannot pay for it, and We must settle that Issue.

I had another link I wanted to present, but it is getting late for scheduled events, and the Reader has sufficient material to read. The real element presented from these two links remains that there is structural failure in the basic political structure of the regimes involved; both of which having venues which could prove fatal to the economies involved, if they are not repaired. The whole resistence in both societies come from an entrenched hierarchy, who must surrender a profitable and privileged position for success. The political structure is bound to disintegrate if these issues are not resolved effectively, and neither shows any sign of minimal acceptance necessary to achieve the unified support. lgl

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