Monday, August 24, 2009

Intoducing a new Market

I exited my bed grumpy this morning, thinking that life was kind of shabby when a new Workweek started, even if I don’t really work anymore. I was in the process of Shaving when I realized I would have to send in my Weekly Heart report electronically. I proceeded to the little machine, and started the process. I went back to Shaving, throughly disgusted with having done such a insignificant Job so early in the morning. I awoke as I splashed water upon my face finishing the Shave. This propelled me to thinking How to provide Excitement into daily life, and then I turned on the Computer to check on the economic news of the day–exciting, Right! I found this Post from Jeff Cornwall.

I read this message, and my expectation of the day went where one could expect. I suddenly had the inspiration that what was needed was to introduce Uncertainty into the matrix. This immediately followed a Radio report on the Church accepting Same-Sex couples, as long as they are monogamous; nothing For or Against the lifestyle per sec, but simply wondering whether simple monogamy is sufficient to justify any sexual relationship. Still, this is getting off-Subject, and I should progress to my idea, which is that Uncertainty was often the catalyst necessary to generate a market. And it was exactly the whole Concept of Uncertainty which had to be introduced into the Tax impact issue.

Income, whether Personal, Business, or Corporate, should be separated into a potential 6, 8, or 10 sub-classes based on size. Tax law should be rewritten based upon Coupon redemption of the Tax owed; then the Coupons at each size should be sold online at Public Auction. Everyone has a Computer today, or at least a Tax Preparer with a Computer. I will now anticipate the Naysayer who would ask what such a Change would do. The Coupons would first be issued in the manner where all Government Expenditures would be funded. There would be no minimum bid, but the Fed could supervise and introduce economic policy controls by purchasing Coupons at any period where they dropped too greatly in amount. Taxpayers would need these Coupons, though, and must Buy within 3-4 months after the Tax year to settle their Tax bill. The Fed would be limited in Stimulus by the amounts of Coupons held and their Sale price, as they must be purchased from the Treasury. The Coupons would be sold depending upon both Government Need, and Taxpayer Income independent of Private Sector in-house Costs. We rid Ourselves of the devilishly adverse impact of Tax Credits of all types, and place all Taxpayers in competition with all other Taxpayers of their own Income class. This last event would dampen all Price structures, suppress Inflation, and all would be generated by the introduction of competition in the pursuit of Tax coupons. I will have to run it through some economic models, but I like this idea! lgl

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