Sunday, August 16, 2009

That Tricky Math

Are you hounded by Rounding Errors? Eric Keetch must be! I only provide this Statement to ease the minds of Readers who could be confused. The transfer of the mathematical system to geometry is always assumed to be an exact Science, but it can occasionally drift off to infinity. The real culprit is the width of lines which in Math does not exist, but in geometry must exist if there is to be a separation. In this it is like Economics. The later insists that all economic behavior can be placed within a model, even erratic choice. Here again We are back to Rounding Errors. Can you track economic choice to infinity, and be sure to have correctly placed all calculations? Every Mathematician includes some Margin of Error; only the rest of Us are stupid enough to believe that there is such a thing as Exact Science.

One will wonder Why I would put this Post subsequent to the Above. People like to hold all sorts of impressions about the Housing market, producing an amazing lot of reactions to the information coming from it. I think of the Housing market as a Poker Game, with Realtors being the professional Card Mechanics. Buyers and Sellers both are bombarded by this information, and Realtors work hard to enhance the positions held by the Seller, even if this slows the actual Transaction period; it is all a question of Money for the Realtor, as he gets a percentage of the Sale. It becomes a question of Advertising past this Point, with the Realtor convincing the Buyer of the strength of the Housing prices; and the Seller of the weakness of the market if need be. The only difference from a Poker Game is the fact that the Realtor must remain Bright, Cheerful, and adamant about the Price. Readers may notice that it becomes a question of how skillful the Realtor does his work, and can have a major variance from general Housing prices. This is a position where Realtors exploit the Rounding Errors in the Housing market.

I will finish this Tract with this missive. Why?? It is a Marketing debacle, on the part of both Democrats and Republicans. The major position of Democrats is that the Public Option will stop the interjection of economic Profits into health care; subjecting the health care industry to the same Profit ratios as other sectors of the economy. Republicans are not so worried that Private health care will be crowded from the market, but that the economic Profits may be crowded from the Market; sincerely reducing some of their most profitable elements of their own portfolios. Neither has any real belief that any agency, Private or Public, will be subjected to any loss of entrepreneurial Profits. The Democrats think they can get a Club with which to threaten the Private health care sector, and hold down medical cost–probably a forlorn Hope, considering the record of public agencies (the cited U.S. Postal Service cannot limit its labor force, number of service centers, or its business hours). The Republican fear that the Private health sector will lose Patients and monopoly pricing; they totally unconvinced that there is more Profit to be made by expanding the ensured base. Are WE back at Rounding Errors? lgl

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