Sunday, August 23, 2009

Medical Problem Solutions

T.R. Reid gives Us a most pertinent article comparing World medical systems with the American model. The information generated contains general, if potentially not specific accuracy. American Medicine holds failing Marks in terms of Coverage, Access, and Quality. American Preventive Health Care finds direction from protection from general liability of the health care provider, rather than any attempt to promote future health care. Doctors order a regular range of Tests to protect themselves from malpractice, not generally looking for anything, just to claim adequate medical response. Medical technicians train for specifically these Tests which have probably the lowest discovery rates in Medicine on a per Patient basis; all because the Payscales are the best on these machines and Testing. Such de rigour Testing potentially absorbs more medical resources, than do excessive medical procedure pricing. I could even accept a law which mandates that MRIs must be half-price, if any previously un-discerned medical condition has been found by the procedure; the cheaper Price would reverberate through the bill-paying Patient community, with deep criticism of medical reliance on these Tests where nothing has been found. Such Complaints would join the other Complaints that these Tests were Time-consuming and Uncomfortable, and Doctors might adopt the equally adequate reliance on the cheaper Blood-work testing.

No-Fault medical insurance should be introduced into the American system, where all medical procedures must be Covered by medical insurance; the Insurers cannot deny any medical procedures except for obvious cosmetic reasons. This need be combined with Insurer inability to cancel any medical insurance without the Insured’s Consent in Writing. This is a better venue than stopping elimination of medical insurance because of pre-existing Conditions. The later does not hold down administrative Costs of medical insurance, while the previous stops excess funding of excess employment for the purpose of finding Cancellation conditions. The essential ground to be covered here remains a clear Statement to medical Insurers that they hold the essential liability for medical Costs when they provide the Insurance.

The final Point I would emphasize will be that normal health care Providers at the base level be trained at the Skill level appropriate to modern medicine. This means that LPN training should include a base level of Training on medical machine operations, and RN certification should require a base licensed registration of advanced machine Testing. This Training should not be farmed out to additional labor assets at extreme Wage, at a huge Cost to the Patients. Protests at this practice will inform Doctors than they must supervise the Tests themselves, requiring their own licensed registration of competency on this equipment; their only alternative is to farm out such Testing to qualified personnel elsewhere. The first and true Answer to medical health care is an insistence that medical personnel are capable of provision of the health care for which they are paid. This upgrade in medical training will save an estimated 15% of the final machine Cost of medical treatment, and near 60% of the medical Costs of Bloodwork. lgl


Medical Assistant Careers said...

This blog has been the only one I have come across that has well thought points for possible adjustments to our medical industry. Everyone else(living in wonderland), has been fantasizing about the idea of National Health Care. I can not agree with this idea, and the truth to it would call for the death of a vast majority of the elderly. Well done Lawrence and I hope many others get to read your ideas.

First Aid said...

Well done Lawrence and I hope many others get to read your ideas.