Friday, August 14, 2009


Paul Krugman makes the same mistake that all liberals have made since the Nazi propaganda machine was first designed; I would advise them to read the book "Propaganda" written by Jaques Ellul after World War II. Liberals actually believe that propaganda has to have some relationship to the Truth, in order to be effective. Propaganda has nothing to do with the Truth. It is a process where emotions are invoked, not Thought. It is sickly humorous that liberals were among the first to devise campaign slogans, which are the base line propagandist instruments. The Nazis, followed by later reactionary Conservatives of all stripes, were the first to realize that there need be no relationship at all to the truth. Today’s Conservatives have introduced the Concepts of Death Panels, rationed health care, and loss of preferred health care Providers to the American lexicon, even though no rational being could possibly believe in the actuality of such Events.

It should be understood that propaganda is first of all an emotional compulsion to utilize a specific formulation of Speech. It is introduced by popular figures repeating the same formula over and over. Ellul proved in his work that the effectiveness of propaganda does not rely upon belief at all, but on introduction of the labels into social concourse. Propaganda actually depends on the fact that liberals do not feel the need to debunk the material chosen, as it is so transparent in it’s falsehood. People tire of raising the same attack necessary to deny the allegations, while the propaganda is so simple in content that it will be often repeated. The sheer awareness of the propagandist effort can actually be turned into an aid to it, as Opponents of such reduce their efforts to suppress the propaganda, simply because it is widely recognized as a slogan channelization.

The only real effective resistence to propaganda is counter-propaganda; a medium which is offensive to most people opposed to the practice. The is Why most opposition to propaganda is haphazard and ineffectual. I would advise Obama to hire an advertising agency to counter conservative propaganda initiatives, instructing them to develop ripoff response jingles as second lines to exposure to the slogans, such as ‘Death Panels–the Pan that can, approved by Everyone except Patients’. This establishes the universality of Opposition, eliminating the segmenting of partisanship, and making the propagation of the original Slogan counterproductive. One has to understand the process of propaganda before One can defeat the practice. When one can recognize the process of segmentation behind propaganda, one can fight it! lgl

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