Tuesday, August 18, 2009

There's gotta be a better way!

Jeff Cornwall raises his Sight above Small Business every once in a while, and gives Us some really good stuff. This Piece on health care reform stands as a excellent Case in Point. The number of registered Lobbyists on any aspect of legislation is directly proportional to the amount of money involved, but registered health care lobbyists informs Us what magnitude of Economic Profits are at risk in health care; remember that Economic Profits are in excess to Normal Profits of an industry, based upon some protected monopoly position of some type–be it Patent, locale saturation, manufacturing capacity, etcetera. The probable greatest source of economic Profits is Government Sunshine, where Government provides legislative format capacity to free-wheel Pricing. It is all about Windfall Profits-taking, like the Golf Tournament where my friend did not play well enough to make the Money he did last year; he needed a 12-Point advantage like Businesses often get legislators to enact. This is what all those lobbyists are all about.

Stan Collender gives some Insight into the effect produced by all those lobbyists interacting with Congress. Rules of Reconciliation seem necessary to myself only when no one is actually advancing the real reasons Why they support or oppose some legislation. Such Rules are a lobbyist dream, as they limit How the legislators may discuss an issue, stopping any definition of an overview of the issue, or alternate resolution to many problems connected to the issue. This style of handcuffing the Debate ensures that 11th Hour elements cannot interrupt the suppression of popular sentiment on the issue. Stan wants to know what constitutes a provision; I would ask what exactly defines the periphery of the budget, legislators willing to spend outrageously anywhere, except on defined issues. My problem rests in that those defined issues are always the brainchild of lobbyists.

It may outline a statistical anomaly, but female economists think differently than the male members of the profession. The men look for causation, while the ladies look for serenity. It is within this light that I forward this Piece, something which all might use for Suggestions. Health care could be handled by a finessed taxing system, though liberals would soon be tying themselves in knots about What and Where to provide sanctions. I have always be Old School, cursing all Taxation, and supporting only those taxes which cannot be evaded. The best Government interference in the lives of the Citizenry is None; which fits in with my ideation that all ex-Presidents and ex-Governors should be imprisoned for life upon leaving Office, they being sufficiently Guilty. Some fools actually think their Guilt need be proven, when statistically such a Rule is as effective as the Byrd Rule–about 80%. The 20% losers should be punished anyway, for being Power-Hungry. Life could be so simple, if Everyone thought like economists. lgl

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