Thursday, January 27, 2011

Anti-Business Tirade and Boxing Day!

I herein state for Full Disclosure and Clarity that I only watched a sufficient minute amount of the State of the Union Address to claim to my Democratic friends that I had listened to him; and little enough to please my Republican friends who desired I not listen to propaganda–by their definition. Then I read this blog Post. The Part which interested me the most was this Statement: "put in place over the last two years about the most anti-investment, anti-business, anti-Jobs regimen that we have probably seen in the last couple of decades." Now, I have some difficulty with this Statement. I do know that the Bush administration did implement the beginning of ‘Save the Country for Corporate America’, but Obama has not strayed far from that path. It amazes me that Corporate America could not cease the registry of Profits throughout the worst ‘Recession since the Great Depression.’ It did require the Fed to purchase a Trillion Dollars of Debt, and all sort of guarantees of Protection for the financial world. We did occasion a multitude of Home Foreclosures–for which Mortgage-issuers were protected from harm by Fed caress, and vast losses from individual Stock and Bond Holders, who were promised by Corporate leadership that, "there would be only minor Dividend payments, and Stockholders would gain when Stock Price went up, and Corporate leadership could sell their Stock Option and Stock Grants at prime price.’

Small Business is indeed suffering great distress from the Recession, finding it hard to sell within empty subdivision housing. Luckily, such great franchise Retails as Walmart, Target, etc. ad infinitum, get sufficient Tax Breaks as to ‘Last the Course’. Service Providers find there is a depressing lack of Sales, though they can be upbeat by the number of experienced Job Applicants who apply regularly; though many have limited experience in Service provision. All in All, I think Most of Us are awaiting the absorption by Small Business of the huge Corporate Layoffs created by the ‘Recession to end all Recessions’. It could be long wait, and Corporate America is getting tired of paying Unemployment Benefits from a fund which they functionally ceased Contributions into when they laid off their personnel.

I decided to provide a true anti-investment, anti-business, anti-Jobs regimen:

1) Congress pass a Minimum Property Tax which must be paid to all and every State by every business in the Country; every State allowed to increase but not lower the Minimum rate.
2) All Business entities must pay at least 30% of their nominal taxation rate, even if they can find a multitude of Tax remissions from that rate.
3) Financial institutions are forbidden to seek or accept any Tax remissions of any type; the Thinking here states that if We have to guarantee their Profitability, they can pay their Taxes.
4) Congress passes a law which states that any Small Business denied Credit by a financial institution must be reviewed by the Federal Reserve in the area, and if the Fed determines that the Credit should have been advanced, then the financial institution will pay the Fed 1% of the value of the Credit as Fine for negligent practice.
5) Congress pass a law bringing ‘Boxing Day’ south from Canada, and every Individual making over $1 million per year must wear a Jester’s suit on December 26th of each year, else be fined one-quarter of all Tax remissions granted to them for the year. lgl

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