Tuesday, January 04, 2011

Talk about being an Ass

My Readers, and some Psychologists, have asked How my mind works; my stock answer is that it doesn’t. I decided I would give an Example of How my mind works. I will ask the Readers to preview these Posts: one, two, three, four, and five. I then had thought to the near universal desire among Conservatives to default on the US Treasuries granted to the General Social Security Fund, so Congress could pretend to not tax people while Spending all the money collected by FICA taxes over the years. I then thought about How poor people could forestall these Conservatives from achieving their objective of destroying the basic retirement policy of about 80% of the Population.

My first idea was and remains relevant, getting the AARP to file before the US Supreme Court for a declaration that such US Treasuries held primea focus, sort of like ‘most favored nation’ policy where these held Treasuries held first place on replacement funding, and other debts of the federal government could not be paid before they were funded under any default conditions of the federal government. I felt that such a Ruling would go far at this juncture is restraining deeply Conservative animosity to the Social Security program.

My feeling, though, was that such a Ruling might not be sufficient restraint. Here is where I thought economic modeling could really be a Savior. This would require a further US Supreme Court Ruling based on previous Tax law. It gets a little complicated, but here goes: Denial of Social Security benefits reverted FICA taxes paid in the Past to additional Taxation on Taxpayers in those Period; but where Tax law stipulated all levels of deductions and rates of Taxation. Business contributions can be discounted because of their forced payment of higher Wages at the time, if they had not paid such contributions; functionally, these contributions must be considered added unwarranted Taxation paid by Labor. The Ruling would be a simple declaration that Congress must repay all unwarranted taxation by nullification of Social Security benefits to all FICA taxpayers for all years of contributions made; all under the proviso that no confiscations of individual property can be made without due process of law. Congress may want to avoid paying the bill, but We do not have to let them get away with it. lgl

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