Thursday, January 20, 2011

Where were you the day. . . .

One can read this Post, and decide to discount the material. It stands as True that Norway has lower Population concentration, more highly-skilled labor cadres, no real Immigrant problem, and a philosophy of communal welfare; coming originally from the direct threats imposed by a dire climate inimical to human life. It still also stands as True that the Norwegian economy possesses far greater stability than the American economy, and such stability extends throughout the economy, not just the business structure. It is also instructive that the last real advance of the American economy came following a large Tax Increase; Boom and Bust cycles occurring with greater rapidity after periodic reductions from this Tax Increase. It can almost be claimed that Tax Cuts simply allow for the creation of Bubbles.

You can combine the previous Post with this One, and ask just where is there any expected Stimulus. Violation of strict PAYGO leads to increasing deficits, increased Debt Service Costs, higher Resource Costs to Producers with Government competition; all while the greatest segment of Income in American society is taxed less and less. Congress will not cut their Spending habits, apply heavier Taxes, or cut Welfare benefits. It works relentlessly to bankrupt the federal system, while still making a Profit for their own Class of Wealthy in the interim. A less gentle Soul than myself might even call for Treason trials, especially as the United States could easily pay for their Expenditures.

I must first say I applaud this lady, and wish herself and her program a good and fair Hearing at Davos. Then I ask myself if this kind of upbeat, illustrative American rationalism is what the United States is sending to Davos. We have massive problems which will not be resolved with Good Will efforts which do not meet the Needs surfacing throughout the World. Governments are the biggest Spenders in the World today, and rarely utilize small Business to fulfill their desires. We send Spokespeople who cant about improvements in a marginal sector of Production, while We need an Overhaul of basic budgetary systems. There are a lot of people trying to join Nero on the balcony (I know that he was not even in Rome when it burned!). lgl

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