Monday, January 03, 2011

The Fallacy

Arnold Kling might be Right on this, but I possess other Thoughts. I like the idea of Emergency Health Insurance, where medical insurance must pay all Expenses over $4000. I also like the concept of internships for even college graduates, if there is a covering Employment law stating that Business must provide Board and Room as in Ages past, or some equivalent of such provision. I feel we must give some thought to the Poor and Uneducated, suggesting that under Business evasion of the two above considerations due to alternate provision, that it must adopt Poor people to fulfill the later provision. Arnold would chagrined by such an assault on the Business model, but the later model has shown absolutely no success in provision of its labor force adequately.

My greatest Concern can be found here. Conservatives in control of State Governments laud platitudes while concentrating on Tax Cuts, those famous overused rants against Public Spending. The trouble comes when anyone seriously discusses Cuts in Spending, these self-same conservatives outraged that anyone could actually expect them to Vote for Spending Cuts which would be totally unpopular with the Electorate. So they pass legislation cutting Pennies from the budgets when We need to cut Dollars. No one wants to cut the Social Spending which all agree os necessary to save their political careers and the American way of life–not even I. Here is the Rub: we will eventually need to come up with those Dollars–not just Pennies; and the only source of those Dollars are higher Taxes. We also need to stop giving higher Incomes the best break every time We pass a Tax Cut or introduce a Social program.

Readers will ask how I bring the two above paragraphs together. Here is How! We cannot expect Private Business or Charity to take over for Government welfare, then We will have to establish certain minimum standards granting the Poor–Working or Not–some venue to claim Aid from somewhere; a situation where everyone can have a Voice in society. Conservatives do not understand that We cannot suppress the Poor without altering American society in ways which will embarrass Us all. lgl

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