Thursday, January 06, 2011

Changing old Management habits

I do not like this line of Thought about Unemployed labor because it places the entire onus for that unemployment on the Unemployed, when the issue has been brought on by the entire economy reaction. The reality states that all of current economic forces have joined to make low-skill labor unprofitable. I need to explain this Statement, and will try to outline it in the following elements.

The United States has consistently shied away from universal health care from the beginning. This reality, combined with the very real demand of Workers to be covered by employer-supplied health care, has trained Management to only hire high-Skill employees with high potential production. Federal regulations regarding provision of Pension contributions and freedom from discriminatory practices toward labor with attendant Safety issues have worsened the situation. Low-Skill labor face major Hiring obstacles, especially with Business switch to Temporary Labor to save on all the above Costs. We possess a highly volatile, sensitive labor market today, quick to layoff, and reluctant to Hire; with low-Skill labor unable to compete in the face of Business demand for high-Skilled productivity to pay for the Costs of Hiring.

The real First Step is universal health care. Employee health insurance may be the quickest way to accomplish this End, though Many will state it is impossible. The foremost best way to achieve this position is to separate the Employer and Employee. This means a Tax law which bills every Employer equally for a bare-bones minimum health insurance, with a maximum $15k per year payout per Individual covered–including family members of the employee. Further law would stipulate that Employers must offer a Group health insurance opportunity to every employee for catastrophic health care, for which premiums will be withdrawn from employee paychecks–though the employees do not have to opt for this Insurance. Additional law will create a national Pension Fund, to which every Employer must contribute 12% of all Wages and Salaries paid per year–including bonuses. Employees, to be eligible for the Pension rights under the program, must contribute at least 6% of their Wages through Paycheck withdrawal for at least 20 Quarters. The situation of low-skilled labor suddenly feels less dire, and the practicality of Hiring such labor cadres much more appealing; now, if We could only get Firing based on simple desire! lgl

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