Monday, January 17, 2011

Idyllic Dream as Nightmare

I read this Post, and think about What type of explanation for Government I would use to explain to small children. This did lead me far afield, which I will outline in a minute. My definition for the children comes first: Government is the argumentative manner adults decide who gets to work at what essentially without fighting, choosing one set of people to be in charge for a specific period of time, then picking another set again for the next Period. This cuts down on the amount of time which people can argue and fight. Adults will probably choose the same people to lead for a second period, if they worked out well; the adults choose another group if they did not!

I study on the two definitions, and things pop to mind. The first thing I consider is the fact that Government should spring from the base upward; there should be no pressure from the Top exerted on the Bottom. The second thing which springs to mind consists of the fact that there should be no increase in Power granted to leadership as it does rise in position. The third thing enters in that the elected people should not have greater power to get out their message than their Opponents or lower Ranks. I am starting to get the concept of a Revolution in the Making, and it is one which will be opposed by the leadership.

I think I will start with Taxation. It will be changed to supply what is needed, not for general programs. I will start with Police, Fire, and City Services. A law will state that every block must employ 1 trained Police Officer, 1 trained Fireman, and 1 trained City Maintenance Worker. These Employed will be expected to work anywhere in the City or governing jurisdiction, but each block must come up with the funding. I would suggest that every business block must come up with 3 of each category. It will clearly be evident that these Services will soon privatize, as Business will notice the advantage of getting into the business of trained labor supply; it also getting cheaper under business competition. It will work likewise going upward through the levels of jurisdiction–Education, Welfare services, litigation, and Defense handled in the same manner. Each Household committed to a set payment of taxation, which Business competing to gain the greater share of the funding. Households and Business organizations having an additive level of specific taxes they must pay, and which they are quite capable of complaining about. There can even be an Infrastructure Tax of set limit, which must be spent in the expansion of social access. It is a much simpler system than the current types of taxation, and far easier to contest. Variations of the set limits of Taxation can even be altered to suit the level of capital investment in Block or Business. lgl

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