Monday, January 10, 2011

Cattle Feed, Anyone?

I decided to post twice today, because of this article by Andrew Revkin. It lists the likely progress of food supply through the growth of Population across Time. I will tell my Readers that there is no disaster scenario looming, where there is suddenly multitudes starving for their daily supply of energy. My main point I would like to emphasize being that the manner in which Food is delivered to everyone will make a great difference. There is sufficient arable land to maintain a Population of over Twenty billion if Eating Habits are altered.

I like to shock people with the Statement that the Food problem should be turned over to Purina and other animal food companies. They feed multi-millions of domestic animals, all very nutritionally, and do so without inconvenient Food Poisoning. These companies would study the Problem of feeding humans, and come up with a basic list of necessities–or prerequisite work which would have to be done. Let me try to imitate such a List.

People would have to be weaned from eating Meat more than once a day. This is most easily done by getting Parents to prepare the Child specific foods from Birth. The entire personal desire for specific foods could be altered in one child growth cycle. The second need is to transfer food desire to processed food, coming pre-packaged, and needing only to be heated with the possible addition of some common supplement–Milk, Ketchup, etc. People say that processed food cannot possibly taste Good; I think We ought to castigate manufacturers everywhere for the induced hatred of Soy-burgers; singular groups of a vegetable never taste Good. Mixtures of vegetables with garnishing is the way to go; people handle Salads this way, why not a casserole-style processed food? Vitamins and Minerals can be introduced easily into such Mixtures, without the disadvantages of bad Taste. We need to get into Ocean Ranching, supplying much vital protein from fish meal and flesh. Again, proper Garnishing and Heating will bring out Good Taste. Eating two Packets per day of processed food with one natural meal per day would allow both cultural flavor and necessary food, while actually cutting Food Costs with higher yield in number of people fed per acre. lgl

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