Wednesday, January 05, 2011

Dirty Politics--and how to Win!

We get the image of a revetment abnormal, with the Government walls crumbling solely because We are feeding the Dragons napalm again. The article does not state it, but overwhelmingly excess Government Spending remains mainly cyclical, but the tax revenues lost are almost always structural in nature; never able to cover the bill, if the economy doubled in size and output. I am not saying that Government Spending should not be organized uniformly and regulated as a quantitative Whole with universal benefit; simply stating that proper Taxation is the only real curative for Deficits, and will have to be introduced sometime.

I like this Post, though I possess a far greater knowledge it seems of the social order of both New York and Texas. I know that only 3% of New York’s labor force is unregistered, while almost 14% of Texas’ labor force goes unregistered and unreported. I know that careful review of the Standard of Living of both States would account the SoL in New York to be almost 12% higher when the total population average is utilized, not simply the easy-to-access information. Medical Services and Food Quality are both higher in New York than in Texas, and Texan Housing in significantly lower in quality when total Housing is examined. Goods service and provision is also much lower in Texas, especially away from the major metropolitan areas. The disparity between Rich and Poor in both States is about equal in magnitude, but the Living Standard in Texas in much lower for the Poor. Government service to its citizens in probably about 18% lower in Texas than in New York, irrelevant as to the prices paid for that Government; all due not just to racial attitudes, but the isolation of geographic distance. I do not have any great resentment to Texas, and actually feel that New York provision for the Poor should be closer to the Texas Standard than to its own. This, though, equally does not constitute an abandonment of the plight of the Poor, or efforts to improve their position.

I do not agree with Peter Wehner on this one, though I cannot agree with Senator Dimwit—ah, DeMint. I do not think that refusal to raise the debt ceiling will adversely affect the federal government, if Obama knows how to play Hardball. Instead of closing down federal offices to anger American citizens, Obama must order all Defense Spending–except for provision of current military deployments–to immediately cease in the arena of Weapons development, military supply contracts to domestic bases, and a 30% reduction of permanent domestic military positions. All Civilian contractors will be notified of cancellation of Contracts, and Military units will be ordered to handle all military services (Mess, Laundry, etc.) which will be undertaken by military counterparts. I am quite sure that Congress will suffer greater duress from such Cancellations than will the President or the American people as a Whole. This is How you deal with Conservative intransigence. lgl

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