Friday, January 14, 2011

How I get myself into Trouble!

People have often asked me How I could get into so much trouble, as I do not communicate with that many people. I have a perfect example here! I was talking with two old friends about old Cars. Then I get to thinking about Forklifts, which I used to drive in my younger days. I asked my friends if they know of Anyone in the country who had any collection of old Forklifts that I might examine. Others heard the commentary, and asked Why I wanted to see some old Forklifts. I explained that Forklifts went back to the old Steam Engine days as an industrial equipment, and some designs over the years were quite interesting. People looked doubtful, and I explained the concept of an industrial museum; also stating that as We were situated in a centralized area of the Country, and were a relatively industrialized City, it would be an excellent location for such an industrial museum.

Other people inquired for an expansion of that Concept. I explained that it would be a good Investment for the City, probably bringing in good Receipts from a door charge; this if We could establish a good building and equipment assortment which would require at least 4 hours to preview. I also mentioned that it was a good year to hunt for equipment donations which could be accounted as charitable contributions, while the new Full Costing allowance granted to new equipment made purchase of new equipment cheaper for the companies who gave such equipment. Someone asked How Much I was talking about in Dollar terms, and I stated it could be minimally be done for about $5-7 million, but should be funded at around $15 million.

I heard several snorts of Contempt, so I decided to dig my Grave deeper. I suggested that setting up as functioning equipment displays would serve as a good Educational tool for High School Students, with Syllabus given to Shop Teachers; the later expected to actually teach the lectures. I went further and stated that Companies could also preuse such a museum to teach extended Safety courses capable of getting lowered liability insurance premiums for Companies in the area. I mentioned that We had great labor cadres to fill Instructor positions for such Courses, as there were many experienced Retirees from the local Plants. I finished with a Statement that connection with the local Community College may allow Us to issue a 2-year Degree in Production Engineering. Then I heard the Death Knell of the Issue: the suggestion that I was the obvious choice to head up the museum development. I replied that I am only an idea man, and that one needed an efficient Manager and Cost Accountant to head the Project. lgl

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